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About me:
I have written over 50 manuscripts in the course of my career as a molecular and cellular biologist studying the malaria parasite and related pathogens. I have peer-reviewed several hundred manuscripts and grant applications, and have participated in over 15 NIH grant review panels. I am a former member of the editorial advisory boards for Journal of Experimental Medicine and PLoS One. I have also copy edited dozens of manuscripts for Japanese colleagues, and have spent almost four years as a visiting scientist in Japan.

-Thomas J. Templeton, PhD

Contact information:

Email: twodot@gmail.com

Phone: (406) 880-5623 USA

Mailing address:
Thomas Templeton
324 Woodford Street
Missoula, Montana 59801

Payment methods:
PayPal, major credit cards, and bank wire transfers are accepted. Please email me to discuss payment options.